About Humanity Health CBD

Humanity Health CBD was created to help humanity! Humanity Health CBD was started because we personally witnessed the wonderful benefits that CBD can provide to people of all ages; in many different areas of medical concern and human health. As Gen X’ers we have experienced the relief CBD can provide from daily aches and pains of working long hours and keeping up with the lives of our 6 kids. We have witnessed our kids experiencing wonderful results from the use of CBD; from healing and minimizing sports injuries, to reducing redness of acne, to moisturizing the skin and helping with psoriasis, to dealing with the vast amounts of anxiety that comes with entering the adult world.

In addition, of course, our dogs are much more relaxed and less anxious because of our all natural CBD dog treats.

However, the most important variable that really put Humanity Health CBD into existence was the life changing results we saw in our aging parents. As they broke through their learned biases of “CBD equaling marijuana” (which is absolutely false) and started taking daily does to help assist in relieving their pain and suffering from medical conditions (like arthritis, chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, lupus and diabetes) they found CBD was a natural alternative to the opioids they were taking. We know everyone’s body and endocrine system works a bit differently, but we strongly feel there are health benefits for anyone taking CBD. However, please note, we are here to help and we are not doctors.

Please take any necessary caution to consult your physician concerning any medical conditions or concerns.

Avon, Indiana

Directions: Humanity Health CBD Google Maps

Humanity Health CBD is located at 10242 E. US Highway 36 (Rockville Road) in Avon, Indiana, only four miles west of the Rockville Road exit off Indianapolis Interstate 465. Our storefront is on the north side of Rockville Road, between Shiloh Crossing Drive and Shiloh Park Drive, you can utilize either road to access our parking area.

Humanity Health CBD is approximately:

  • 12 miles from Danville, Indiana
  • 11 miles from Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 8 miles from Brownsburg, Indiana
  • 7 miles from Plainfield, Indiana
  • 7 miles from Speedway, Indiana

Avon Indiana Humanity Health CBD

Meet the Team

Avon Indiana Team Humanity Health CBD

Brent Mason Humanity Health CBD Team Avon Indiana

Brent Mason


In February 2019, Brent decided to quit his corporate job of 20 years and open the first Humanity Health CBD location. The idea was simple, make a difference! The store layout even more simple, create a safe and secure place, where people will feel comfortable sharing their stories with him, and finding a solution together! So, after many loving stories, laughter, and tears and with the support of great partners and a small team of awesome people, we did it. Humanity Health CBD has made a difference!

Brent spent most of his life equating money to happiness as he thought that would fulfill him. At the age 45 he reconsidered this idea as he had not made any positive contributions to his community or society. When personal fulfilment and happiness were nowhere to be found, he realized what was most important -the love of his wife, kids, family and the fact that people were willing to put their trust in him to help change their lives – this made Brent feel like he could make a difference.

Tracy Mason Humanity Health CBD Avon

Tracy Mason


Tracy is a dedicated and driven individual – whether it is being a mom to many or a wife to Brent, she gives everything she has to all. She has a great love for travel, sunshine, reality tv, and her family. She has two Havanese dogs (Gunner and Murphy), both working as taste testers for in-store pet products.

With a passion for family, it became apparent to both she and Brent that their immediate and extended family could greatly benefit from a natural product such as CBD. She is delighted to see the results customers have had with their new product experience. Although she is unable to devote a lot of time in the shop on a regular basis, be assured she is always busy working in the background for their clients.

Humanity Health Avon Indiana Charlie Rodgers

Charlie Rodgers


Charlie has owned and ran his own businesses for the better part of 30 plus years, and when Brent and Tracy asked him to be a partner in Humanity Health, he didn’t hesitate. Humanity Health is more than just a CBD store, it’s truly a passion and culture that Brent and Tracy have created that makes it different and so much fun to be a part of. You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want in life. It’s a simple business philosophy, but Charlie always enjoyed trying to help others, and Humanity Heath CBD is a perfect business in trying to accomplish just that.

Charlie has a lovely wife of 31 years in Judy, and together they have two wonderful grown children Patrick and Caroline; they are all very proud to call Indiana their home. They love to travel, cook and be around family and friends. They cherish the past, love the present and look forward to the future.

Thaddeus Winston Humanity Humanity Health CBD Avon Indiana

Thaddeus Winston

Store Operations

Have any questions about supplements? Thaddeus has an answer!
Thaddeus is a health and fitness nut, and spends several hours of his day working out, and learning how to work out better. Thaddeus has tried numerous diets, training modalities, and (you guessed it) supplements to obtain the knowledge, and experience he has today. If you have a question, and Thaddeus doesn’t have the answer, he will find it! Other than working on his own fitness, Thaddeus loves to help people discover the life-changing joy of living a better, and healthier life. Thaddeus grew up in Granville, Ohio about 45 minutes east of Columbus, Ohio (Go Bucks!). He is also a huge Marvel and DC comics fan, constantly swaying between his favorite superhero and supervillain!

Logan Hausman Humanity Health CBD

Logan Hausman

Store Operations

Logan earned his Master’s Degree in Applied Sports Science from Indiana University. Working out, watching and going to sporting events are his biggest hobbies. In the rest of Logan’s spare time he likes to read a little bit, and to spend time with his family. Logan has been working at Humanity Health CBD since the stores opened in December of 2018, and since then he has been able to meet, and help a bunch of amazing people.

Anna Higgins Humanity Health CBD

Anna Higgins

eCommerce Operations

Anna has a pet pig, and loves to beat her friends at card games. When she is not working or socializing you can usually find her binge-watching The Office. Anna grew up in Avon, Indiana but dreams on one day living on the beach.


Paul Jones Humanity Health CBD

Paul Jones

eCommerce Operations

Originally from Chicago, Paul now lives in a tiny town near Indianapolis with his wife, son, and Australian Cattle Dog, Hobbes. When Paul isn’t at work worrying about things like SEO, PPC, CTAs, and SERPs, you can probably find him bicycling on the B&O trail, kayaking Eagle Creek, or at home watching one of his favorite Chicago sports teams (in order of importance) the Chicago Bulls, Da Bears, the Chicago Cubs, and the Chicago Blackhawks.

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