CBC Effects, CBN Effects, CBG Effects | Other Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids | Hemp for Humanity

Posted by Thaddeus Winston on May 21st 2022

CBC Effects, CBN Effects, CBG Effects | Other Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids | Hemp for Humanity

Brent: Hey guys! Today on Hemp for Humanity we're going to talk about other cannabinoids. We've talked a lot about the plant a lot about some of the legality side of it, some differences between cannabis and hemp or marijuana but now we're going to talk about like the specifics inside of the plant, you know some of the other cannabinoids. People, everybody has heard about, in this arena, has heard about CBD and THC. That's mostly what everybody talks about. When you come in the store they ask us about one of those two things but the truth is we work with so many other cannabinoids in the store. There's so many different cannabinoids in the plant and we're not going to go in everything but we're going to talk about three major ones that we work with and that sort of what their properties are and what they do. So the first one is CBG, “Cannabigerol”, there's also CBN which is “cannabinol” and then there's CBC which is “cannabachromine”. So let's just kind of talk a little bit about CBC first of. What you know, what are we using CBD.., what do we suggest people to use CBC for?

CBC Effects

Thaddeus: yeah so CBC they think of CBC (and I say “they” i’m talking about these people who research it and stuff like that) as like the “antidepressive” cannabinoid. It's got some mood boosting properties and it shows promise in terms of some studies around depression and it's affects in relieving that (depression). A part of this is due to the possibility that it's lowering inflammation in the brain because they find that CBC is also very anti-inflammatory. So a part of you know some of the blends that are geared more towards pain relief and whatnot they throw a little extra CBC in there. Now they are mostly CBD but a little extra CBC in there. We have a couple products that are labeled as “Happy” from 3Chi and we have that in a vape and a tincture and what makes it a “happy” product is the fact that it has more CBC in there. That is CBC as he was talking about earlier there's also CBN.

CBN Effects

So CBN, I don’t know if you noticed this when we're talking about the full names of the different cannabinoids but CBN is cannabinol and where CBN actually comes from is it's what THC turns into once it ages. The long name for THC is “tetrahydra cannabinol” so basically when CBN is made, it's THC that loses that “tetrahydra” and with that loses 90% of its psychoactivity. So CBN will have a little bit of a change in terms of your like body feel and headspace but it's not anywhere near the same kind of effect as THC. Like I said it loses 90% of that (psychoavtibity/ “high”). Where CBN really shines is for people with extreme anxiety, to the point of having like chronic panic attacks or whatnot and also sleep. So a lot of our sleep products have you know CBD and then also CBN because they find it's almost like a sedative. It's got some also like a muscle relaxing properties. So that's CBN.

Brent: We’ve got a ton of CBN products. We’ve got gummies that have CBD and CBN in them. We've got of course the 3Chi vape which is the happy I mean the sleep we also have a sleep tincture we've got CBN and Delta 8 products combined. We just got this new CBN vape that we think people are going to love. It's a Delta 8 CBN vape. It's very calming, very relaxing for extreme like you said extreme anxiety or even rest. So a the ton of CBN products and different ways to take it.

Thaddeus: Quick little side note, that CBN vape that we got in got in the flavor is “pink cookies” and it tastes really good. So thats CBN. The final cannabinoid we are going to talk about in terms of the other cannabinoids is CBG.

CBG Effects

Thaddeus: This one I find to be really really interesting due to all its promise around or potential promise around its neural protective properties. So in terms of focus, energy, autoimmune properties/disorders you know CBG is where we usually push people towards because it helps tremendously with those. CBD can work for those as well but usually we find, and this is anecdotally speaking. There's not a lot of (“scientific”) evidence about all of this I should say is more anecdotally speaking. Which just means like this is what I learned talking to customers and what they've told me they've experienced with their certain conditions.

Brent: Just to cut in real quick, the CBG we actually have some doctors and I won't name names or affiliations or anything like that but we do have a couple local doctors that have actually written kind of “scripts” I guess you will not on an actual script but just on a card.

Thaddeus: Not a real prescription but

Brent: For people from to rheumatoid arthritis doctors, RA doctors.

Thaddeus: Fibro. Fibromyalgia.

Brent: Have sent people to come to our store and get CBG because of RA.

Thaddeus: And thats because we had a customer actually take one of our products to their doctor used it in front (of their doctor). So I think the case was saying they couldn't even open up their hands and they took the product in front of their doctor. Had their doctor sit there and wait with them for 20 minutes and this is individual case.Iit's not going to be a broad statement. I'm not making claims like that but in her individual case she literally went from being barely able to open her hands to you know full dexterity and her fingers and her doctor saw it. So that's why this doctor now is actually recommending some people to come and check out our products so that's that's cool stuff right there. In terms of the autoimmune with CBG and then also in terms of energy and focus. This is partially due to its potential in boosting nitric oxide which is good for blood flow. Better blood flow means you get more nutrients to your muscles, more nutrients to your brain. So if you get more nutrients to your brain, you focus a little better, you function a little better. To the muscles, helps with energy that kind of stuff. So yeah that's CBG and then even get it even a little more specific in terms of different derivatives of different cannabinoids.

Brent: And that goes into THC.

Thaddeus: Yeah and that’s going to be a whole video in and of itself because we have “THC” then we have “Delta 8 THC”, “Delta 9 THC”, “Delta 10”. Then we have THC-O which is “Delta 8 THC O Acetate” so yeah it gets pretty complex. Another part of the plant that I want to mention real quick, so we’ll talk more about this and later videos, are the terpenes. So we are talking about cannabinoids, that's one major part of the plant and it has you know it's own effects. There's also terpenes that are part of the plant and will make the hemp and cannabis plant so unique and special with all its different health properties.

Entourage Effect Explained

Brent: So each of these cannabinoids do have a little bit, they have a little bit different properties. They do kind of have, we try and guide people to some of these cannabinoids based upon the condition that they come in and talk to us about and so on and so forth. But I think the most importantly you know most of these cannabinoids are I would say I would say all of them work best together. So we talk about CBD we talk about CBG we talk about CBN we talk about CBC and how each of these products have more of one of those or the other. You know on our CBN products you know they have, CBC, CBG, CBD inside of them you know it's it's called the entourage effect. If you think about it you know think about you know your entourage if you had one. You know you go walking in the club with a big entourage you get all these people support ing you cheer you on and make me feel comfortable cuz you know “safety in numbers”. It’s the same thing with with the cannabinoids you know when you put all these cannabinoids together you know they they work with each other. In different different avenues and different arenas and we won't go into that. But, all the cannabinoids together some terpenes together, that’s the entourage effect. So we do have products that just are isolated where you just have a CBG or CBN or CBC but we we think probably accommodation of those is usually the best way to go.

Thaddeus: Exactly

Other Cannabinoids Summary

Brent: so again, CBG, CBN, CBC all obviously THC free is not a THC but great products for a number of conditions from pain to RA, to fibro, to headaches to migraines and so on so forth. Then there's the whole THC world and we'll get in the THC world next. So I know it's a lot you know there's a lot of letters and so on and so forth but obviously that's why we're at the store. Come into the store, call us, we'll explain any of these cannabinoids to you. We'll share the products that we have and and just talk about how people are using them.

Cannabinoid Research Resources

Thaddeus: Yeah and i just wanted to like, i said this earlier but i just wanted to put an emphasis on this. This is mostly anecdotal when im speaking to you. That's because I just like that kind of evidence because it's more realistic, lifestyle stuff. If you wanted to look more into like these single cannabinoids and whatnot a couple different resources you can go to 3CHi has a lot of great information on their website. Leafly , Project CBD (in my opinion the best!!!) these are all great places you can go to find good hard studies that are you know a little more scientifically proven if you are more interested in those kind of things.

Brent: I would definitely suggest Project CBD for questions on in the cannabinoids or the plant how to use it.

Thaddeu: they go in depth.

Brent: They go in great depth!

Thaddeus: they got them different medical conditions you can look it up by that and then you know filter out your search results with that so yeah.

Brent: Thanks guys appreciate it enjoy your day. Cheers!