Delta 8 THC | What is Delta 8? | Delta 8 VS Delta 9 | Hemp for Humanity

Posted by Thaddeus Winston on May 12th 2022

Delta 8 THC | What is Delta 8? | Delta 8 VS Delta 9 | Hemp for Humanity

Brent: Hey everybody! It’s Brent and Thaddeus again we're here with Hemp for Humanity! We're hanging out at the store today instead of the studio but today we want to talk about delta 8 THC. We've been talking about Delta 9 THC and so this week is “what is it” (delta 8 THC).

The difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9

You know what's what's going on with it (delta 8 THC). So basically let’s just kind of talk scientifically here a little bit, Delta 8 THC is different than Delta 9 THC molecularly right because there's a double bond between the 8th and 9th carbon on Delta 8 and there's a double bond between the 9th and 10th carbon in Delta 9. Molecularly that's the difference okay, what does that mean? Well what it means is it kind of changes the affinity of or the the attractiveness of these molecules to the receptors. So delta 9 is have more of an affinity to connect to the CB1 receptors which are concentrated in your brain, more so than CB2 receptors which are in your body. Delta 8 also connects and reacts with a CB1 receptor but more so to the CB2 receptors throughout your body right. So that connection of those that delta 9 to those CB1 receptors causes that fogginess/ the “high” everybody talks about right?

Thaddeus: The euphoria

Brent: Right. Where as the delta 8 the results are more about relaxation and pain.

Thaddeus: More of a “body feel” because it’s connecting more to your body receptors. So CB2, like you said, where the peripheral ones on your body. You know the same those are the same receptors that CBD interacts with, differently obviously but same receptors. So that's what makes it more of the lighter feel. More manageable for a lot of people, more “medicinal” almost you could say.

Where Delta 8 comes from and the legality of it.

Brent: Right yeah so you know first of all lets talk about where it comes from. It naturally occurs in the hemp plant but you but folks are also taking CBD and creating Delta 8 from CBD. Is Delta 8 legal in every state? No it's not, it's currently legal in the state of Indiana which is where we are. I think there's now about 18 different states that Delta 8 is not legal in.

Thaddeus: A lot of the states are actually where Delta 9 is legal, yet they've banned delta 8. So not really sure why that's happening there but that's the way it is.

Brent: So again it is legal state of Indiana so we do have folks that come in and and ask for it all the time. We have several different formats with gummies to drinks to vapes and whatever but you know let me just ask you, what why do people come in the store even asking for it? What are they using it for?

How and why people use Delta 8

Thaddeus: It's for almost for just many reasons anybody would use CBD, just for as many reasons why anyone use any kind of cannabinoid. You know and interact with your endocannabinoid system like we're just talking about the CB1 and CB2 receptors, they make up your endocannabinoid system. This system can help with so many different things. Just yesterday actually I had a lady come in and she said her rheumatoid arthritis doctor sent her here because she (the doctor) knew we carried delta 8 and she literally almost wrote like a doctor's note for some delta 8 THC because even medical professionals are seeing the benefit it has for people in terms of pain relief. You know we have several people use it for their chronic anxiety levels it's very very useful and relieving some of that and where I think it has the upper hand on Delta 9 is like you said it doesn't have that same affinity for the CB1 receptors so it's not like you're just “getting high” it's it's much much lighter and you it's manageable. What's the the common thing you like to say it's like it's like a coors light it's like that's what delta8 is like the coors light whereas delta nines like doing a shot or something.

Brent: yeah the effectiveness is similar and yet there a difference in the intensity. Delta 8 is such a less intense intense product than a delta 9 product is and it's mainly because of the way that delta 9 connections the CB1 receptors in your head and in Delta 8 it doesnt.

Thaddeus: Yes. That being said however, you can still get there. You know if you do if you do too much of a dose (of Delta 8) you know so it's just concerns and the dosing not concerns I shouldn't say but if you are someone who's new to THC in general you should treat it you know just as something new and you should be careful and cautious with it. You know some people are trying to make claims that it's you know “dangerous” and it's not. You know I like to use the the term “the poisons in the dosage”. You need water to live but if you have too much of it you drown. So you just have your responsible in terms of the dosing and how you use it just like anything else though. That's not that's not different from caffeine which actually it is different caffeine you can overdose and die on delta 8 you cannot overdose and die on it. so you just got to be you know smart and responsible with how you use any product. So if you've ever heard anyone saying they had a bad experience with Delta 8 or anything like that most often times it's someone who was inexperienced and uninformed. So you just want to make sure especially with edibles and stuff always like to use the the motto “low and slow”. I might have said this in the last week's episode too but low and slow when it comes to taking THC because it's not going to hurt you but it is THC. So you know it's usually responsibly.

Brent: What what about if delta 8 isn't strong enough and…?

Thaddeus: Yeah so I mean people out there who said they've tried delta 8 and these are oftentimes people what's really high tolerances who are used to you know buy another stuff and they they say that they don't get enough of feel from Delta 8. Something new that just came out well actually something we do have we talk about this last week we have delta 9 in the edibles so but if you aren’t a fan of edibles and you want to vape it some people say the adult isn't strong enough in the vape format for them to get the feel they want, they came out with what they didn't come out with they kind of came out with I guess you could say is a new new form of adult 8 called THCO. So if you’ve heard a THCO what THCO actually stands for is “delta 8 THCO acetate” basically what they did is they upped it up a little bit so that way it has a little more potency to it. So in terms of you know vapes on par with Delta 9 the THCO would be the appropriate you know product for people who are looking for a product more like Delta 9 in a vape format at least. So yeah there's that and then there's also like THCP now there's a lot different ones

Brent:Yeah and all of this is made from CBD. They’re all isomers of CBD and some form.

Thaddeus: All CBD from hemp.

Brent: There’s plenty of others we will talk about as we go as we go on further. Again just this whole world of Delta 8 that's kind of crazy out there you know it's it's it's not for everybody right but it's definitely being used by a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. From just sleep and anxiety, pain I mean I just tore my ACL on Monday of this week. You know I honestly went to the doctor and he gave me no pain medication, zero. Didn't even offer It. never even never even said hey you know nothing. So you know I've been taking Delta 8 gummies and man, I don't, I mean once I go through surgery I hope I can do the same thing honestly, but just the pain relief alone…

Thaddeus: I dont think i’ve heard you complain once about the pain of it. I had friends in high school he used to, not use to, but did tear his ACL and they were talking about how painful it was and what not and here you are. I literally haven't heard him say one single thing about it.

Brent: it was three days ago. Haven’t had surgery yet, 3 or 4 days ago and ive just been taking delta 8 and icing. Again, I understand it is a controversial product and people you know there's questions out there, we have questions too. That's what this is all about. It's all about you know just being honest in the industry and trying to figure out and trying to help people and trying to explain things to people so you guys can make your own decisions. We're here for questions you know you can check out all of our links and stuff below you know how to get all of you know where we're at you know who we are. Come see us. Come talk to us. We'll be happy to share any of the other information we have. So we appreciate you guys listening and hope everybody enjoys 420 this year or this month and just be safe and it's just be safe be responsible.