What Up Wednesday 11/2/2022

Posted by Paul Francis Jones on Nov 2nd 2022

What Up Wednesday 11/2/2022

Brent & Thad on the Responsible Leadership Podcast

Brent and Thad were recently featured on Earl Breon’s Responsible Leadership Podcast. The podcast won’t become available until early December, but our subscribers get advanced access to the podcast video featured on our YouTube channel!

November is a BOGO Bonanza!

We’re making room for new products, so this month we’ve got some awesome mix-and-match BOGO deals for you.
The following products are all buy one get one free, in store and online:

If you’re shopping online or want to reserve for in store pickup, all of the above products are conveniently located together on our sale page. Click Here to shop our November 2022 BOGO Sale.

November: 25% Off Dodi

Last week we welcomed Dodi Hemp to the family, this we’re announcing all Dodi products are 25% off through the month of November! Click Here for 25% off Dodi hemp-derived THC products.

Delta 8 Nerd Ropes Dodi THCP
Delta 8 Disposables Delta 8 + CBG Tincture