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The Ultimate Cannabis Drink Experience

Discover a New Way to Socialize

We are excited to introduce Nowadays Cannabis Infused Beverages, the perfect choice for social drinkers like you. Embracing the essence of the present moment, our brand embodies the spirit of gathering, laughter, and living life to the fullest.

Experience the present with a twist by bringing people together through the enjoyment of low-dose cannabis-infused beverages. Bid farewell to hangovers and revel in the joy of authentic connections.

Why Choose Nowadays?

Quick Onset Time

Feel the Good Vibes Almost Instantly

A delightful lift within just 15 minutes sets the stage for an exceptional time.

Ditch the Booze, Keep the Fun

Upgrade Your Social Drink

Transform your everyday cocktail, beer, or wine into a memorable experience with our cannabis-infused beverages.

Control Your Buzz

Craft Your Perfect State of Mind

Whether you're looking to build your buzz or maintain your current vibe, our products offer the flexibility you desire.

Goodbye Hangovers

Embrace a Light and Lively Buzz

Experience the joy of a gentle buzz without the aftermath of traditional alcoholic drinks.

Drink with Friends

Celebrate Together

Our cannabis-infused drinks are tailor-made for social occasions, fostering connections and shared moments.

Explore Our THC Blends

Whether you're a beginner or a connoisseur, we have you covered with two THC drink blends designed to elevate your experience.

The Micro-Dose 2MG

For the First-Timer

Indulge in a light, buzzy, and controllable experience with our Micro-Dose 2MG, specially crafted for newcomers to cannabis consumption.

The Low-Dose 6MG

For the Experienced Enthusiast

Experience a social buzz with our Low-Dose 6MG, ideal for those familiar with cannabis products.

Guidance for Consumption

Wondering how much to drink or when the buzz will kick in? We've got the answers:

Recommended Dosage

Your First Step into the Experience

We suggest starting with one drink (1.5oz shot) and gauging your feelings after 15-30 minutes to tailor your journey.

Quick and Consistent Onset

Feel the Buzz Promptly

Unlike edibles, our products offer a rapid and consistent onset, with most consumers feeling the buzz within 10-15 minutes.

Personalized Enjoyment

Your Way, Your Style

Embrace the freedom to enjoy Nowadays as a shot, on the rocks, or as part of your favorite cocktail to share with friends.

Alcohol-Free Pleasure

Experience the Social Buzz, Minus the Hangover

Rest assured, Nowadays is alcohol-free, offering the benefits of cannabis without the drawbacks of alcohol.

Product Storage

Curious about how to store Nowadays? Here's what you need to know:

Shelf Stability

Easy and Convenient

Nowadays is shelf-stable and safe to store at room temperature. Aim to enjoy it within a year of the production date printed on each Nowadays Box.

Freezer Caution

Handle with Care

Please refrain from freezing Nowadays. While it's shelf-stable for a year, freezing could lead to breakage.

Our THC Source

Ever wonder about the THC in Nowadays? Here's what sets us apart:

Delta 9 THC

The Preferred Choice

Nowadays products contain Delta 9 THC, providing the classic cannabis effect that consumers cherish.

Derived from Marijuana and Hemp

Two Variants, Same Effect

We offer Delta 9 THC derived from marijuana in licensed dispensaries and from industrial hemp for online purchases.

Hemp vs. Marijuana Derived THC

Exploring the Difference

While both plants fall under the cannabis definition, hemp has less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, while marijuana contains more. Yet, both offer the same cherished effects.

Our Mission and Choice

Bringing Joy to Many

We opt for hemp-derived THC to ensure accessibility, allowing as many consumers as possible to savor the Nowadays experience.