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Experience the power of CBN Oil, a remarkable blend of cannabinoids and terpenes meticulously crafted to bring you maximum effects. 3Chi's CBN oil is a broad spectrum formula, containing your desired amount of CBN, along with potent CBD, CBC, and other minor cannabinoids. It features a tailored terpene blend, rich in beta-caryophyllene, a terpene that acts like a cannabinoid and binds to CB2 receptors, amplifying its benefits. This unique blend mirrors our popular Comfortably Numb formula.

CBN Oil is highly regarded for its calming properties and is commonly used for nighttime relief. While formal studies are limited due to government restrictions, anecdotal evidence points to its efficacy. Many individuals who haven't found adequate relief with regular high CBD extracts turn to CBN Oil for an extra level of support. It can also be combined with THC therapies to enhance their effects.

It's essential to understand that cannabinoids can affect people differently, so individual results may vary. While some may experience slight intoxication with CBN, others may not feel any such effects. Each person's response is unique.

3Chi's CBN Oil is available in a convenient 1oz / 30ml bottle. It contains high-quality hemp extract, a natural terpene blend, medium chain triglycerides, and vitamin E. To use, simply measure the desired amount with the metered dropper and incorporate it into your routine. As with any new product, it's advisable to consult a doctor before use.

While refrigeration isn't mandatory, storing the oil in the fridge can prolong its shelf life. Keep it away from excessive heat, humidity, and avoid touching the dropper to surfaces to maintain its purity and prevent contamination. Discover the potential of CBN Oil and unlock a new level of well-being.