Focus is the ability to direct and sustain your attention on a specific task, activity, or goal. It involves mental clarity, concentration, and the capacity to filter out distractions, allowing you to engage fully in the present moment. focus emphasizes the interconnectedness of various factors that can influence mental clarity and concentration. Oftentimes pain and stress are some of the leading reasons why someone may not be able to focus. The following products may help someone achieve greater levels of focus by relieving factors that hinder it:

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CBD/CBG Wellness Tincture

Each 1ml serving contains 83mg of CBD and 41mg of CBG. Some studies show that CBG acts as a neuroprotectant and potential nitric oxide booster. This can potentially lead to feelings of clarity and energy boosting ones ability to focus. If an individual has a hard time focusing due to anxiety/stress or pain, CBD and CBG can also be very helpful in relieving anxiety/stress and pain levels. Relief in these categories can leave one feeling more able to focus on the task at hand. Doses can vary anywhere from .5ml-1ml+. Can be taken daily or 30-60 minutes before you may desire a cognitive boost.

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Delta 8 Focus

Delta 8 + CBG Tincture

Each 1ml serving contains 35mg of CBG and 10mg of Delta 8 THC. Depending on your experience and tolerance to THC, this 7:2 ratio of CBG to Delta 8 THC can deliver a soothing “zen” like focus. CBG has a neuroprotective and potential nitric oxide boosting effect. This may lead to better cognitive and overal function due to more nutrients being delivered to where they need to be in the body via bloodflow. Delta 8 THC is a less cognitively impairing form of THC compared to traditional Delta 9 which is the main form of THC found in cannabis. 10 mg of Delta 8, for those with familiarity and higher tolerance, may not even deliver that “high” sensation but still act on the body by lowering levels of anxiety/stress and pain. CBG may also help lower levels of anxiety/stress and pain.The combination of these two cannabinoids with the aforementioned benefits listed above may be able to increase one's ability to focus. Can take daily or 30-60 minutes before you may desire a cognitive boost.

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3Chi Focus Tincture

3Chi Focus Oil

Each 1ml serving contains 33mg of cannabinoids with a majority of them being CBD. This blend of cannabinoids also includes a special terpene profile that gives the product an additional benefit to cognitive health. If you would like to use it as a focus boosting supplement, take 1ml sublingulary (under the tongue) and hold for 60 seconds or more for better absorption. Can be taken every day or 30-60 minutes before desired focus boost.

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