Inflammation can be described as a natural biological response of the body to protect and heal itself in response to injury, infection, or irritation. It is a complex physiological process involving the immune system, blood vessels, and various cells and molecules.When the body detects harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, toxins, or damaged tissues, the immune system triggers an inflammatory response. This response is intended to remove the source of injury or infection, clear damaged cells, and initiate the healing process.The cannabinoids found in these plants, such as CBD (cannabidiol), interact with the body's endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating immune responses, including inflammation. Cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory effects by influencing immune cells and signaling molecules involved in the inflammatory process. It may help modulate the immune response, reduce the production of pro-inflammatory molecules, and promote a state of balance in the body.

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wellness tincture

CBG Wellness Tincture 5000MG CBD + 2500MG CBG / 60ML Canna River

Each 1ml serving contains 83mg of CBD and 41mg of CBG. This 2:1 ratio of CBD of CBG can be very helpful at lowering levels of inflammation. Both CBD&CBG have anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic (pain reducing) effects which can be very helpful due to the pain that usually comes alongside inflammation. CBG has the added benefit of being a potential nitric oxide booster. Nitrix oxide boosters help with better bloodflow which can directly affect inflammation levels. Better blood flow usually means less inflammation.

Reduce Inflammation

cbd pain cream

cbdMD Premium RECOVER Pain Relief Cream 2oz. Tub 300mg

This CBD cream has a special ingredient called “histamine dihydrochloride” which acts as an absorbing agent for the ingredients to get deeper into the skin and tissue. Great for muscle and joint inflammation relief. Apply as needed throughout the day or before bed.

Reduce Inflammation

pain gummies

CBD Gummies for Pain Relief - Canna River

These delicious red berry flavored gummies contain 25mg of CBD and 20 mg of CBG per gummy. This 5:4 ratio of CBD to CBG may be very helpful at lowering inflammation levels and reducing pain. CBD and CBG both have anti-inflammatory properties and CBG has nitric oxide boosting effects as well. Boosting nitric oxide helps with better blood flow and better blood flow can lead to an additional lowering of inflammation and pain.

Reduce Inflammation