NOWADAYS Drink Easy Single Serving 5MG THC

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Nowadays 5MG THC shots unite individuals using moderate-dose cannabis, offering a more wholesome option in comparison to alcohol. This ensures that socializing with companions doesn't conclude with the unpleasant effects of excessive drinking.

Natural fruit flavors, a crisp finish, and absolutely zero cannabis taste. Whether going out or staying in, Nowadays was created with a flavor to assimilate to any occasion. Nowadays was crafted to allow the consumer to have fun and make the product their own. Feel free to take it as shot, drink it over the rocks, or mix up your favorite cocktail to share with friends.

  • SWIFT ONSET Enjoy a delightful time almost instantly. Experience a subtle elevation within a quarter of an hour.
  • PART WAYS WITH ALCOHOL, KEEP THE ENJOYMENT An impeccable replacement for your usual cocktail, beer, or wine.
  • REGULATE YOUR EXPERIENCE Consume multiple doses to amplify your experience or simply sustain your positive ambiance.
  • FAREWELL TO HANGOVERS Embrace a mild, spirited euphoria devoid of the typical lingering effects of alcohol.
  • SHARE WITH COMPANIONS Crafted for communal events.