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Feeling : Insomnia, Sleep, Restlessness

CBD and CBN (a cannabinoid often found in sleep based CBD products) can be very relaxing helping you get to sleep and has also shown to improve sleep quality.

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CBD and Sleep : Can CBD Work as a Sleep Aid?

  • CBD can help with your sleep quality
  • CBN can help you get to sleep
  • CBN is aged cannabis that has retained its sedative properties

Does CBD work as a sleep aid?

CBD can absolutely work as a sleep aid! However, it is best not to rely on CBD, and instead focus on good sleep hygiene, i.e. a routine leading up to bedtime. Also try limiting blue light exposure, and not eating when you're close to bedtime.

When to take CBD for insomnia?

For the best results, you would want to take CBD about an hour before bed.

Is CBD for sleep safe for the elderly?

Yes! CBD is safe for any and all ages.

Feeling : Pain, Movement, Support

CBD and other cannabinoids have been shown to interact with pain receptors in your body and can help lower levels of inflammation.

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Does CBD Oil Work for Pain? Chronic Pain and Arthritis

  • CBD can help with pain
  • Cannabinoids like CBD are believed to be anti-inflammatory
  • Other cannabinoids like CBG and THC can help with pain as well

Is CBD good for back pain?

Not only is CBD good for back pain but for almost all types of pain in most people! For more immediate pain relief or acute pain symptoms, topical CBD products (roll-ons, lotions, and balms) are recommended. For chronic or long-term relief we advise the use of pills, tinctures, gummies or any combination of those for pain relief.

How long does it take CBD oil to work for joint pain?

It depends on the person and the type of joint pain. Topicals are best usually for immediate pain relief whereas pills, tinctures and gummies are longer to take effect, but last longer.

How to use CBD oil for pain?

Cbd oil can be applied topically directly on the area of pain or discomfort you're looking for the fastest pain relief or if it is an acute injury. If you are trying to deal with chronic pain or a more internal problem, a daily ingested dose starting at 10-20 mg taken 1-2 times daily is what we have found best to work for our customers/clients.

Feeling : Leisure, Fun

CBD can help with hangovers, and mitigate the sometimes negative side effects of THC, like paranoia.

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CBD for Leisure

  • CBD can be used for leisure
  • CBD can lower social anxiety
  • CBD can help alleviate your hangover

Is there THC in CBD oil?

It depends on the product. If the CBD oil is a full spectrum product that means it will most likely have THC in it. If this product is being sold in a state where D9 THC is illegal, there will not be more than .3% D9 THC in the product.

Does CBD get you high?

No, CBD will not get you high. THC is the psychoactive molecule in cannabis but at below .3%, it is not a noticeable "high".

Does Delta 8 THC get you high?

Delta 8 is THC so it is psychoactive, but not as potent as D9 THC. Done in high dosages D8 can be comparable to D9 at lower dosages. D8 at lower dosages can create an uplifting effect and have the same pain/stress relief benefits as traditional cannabis without as much cognitive impairment and little to no feelings of paranoia unlike D9 THC for some people.

Feeling : Anxiety, Stress

CBD is very effective balancing out your Central Nervous System which is usually in a heightened state when someone is suffering from an anxiety disorder.

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Can CBD Help with my Anxiety?

  • CBD can help with stress and anxiety
  • CBD helps keep your endocannabinoid system in balance
  • THC and CBD can help you as well

Are CBD gummies effective for anxiety?

Absolutely! CBD gummies can be especially effective for chronic anxiety due to the "time-released" effect of having to digest the gummy, releasing CBD as it goes along the digestive process.

Which CBD strain is best for anxiety?

There is no "best" strain for anxiety or any ailment for that matter. People respond differently to each CBD product like most drugs/supplements. What works best for you and your anxiety may not work as well for another individual.

What CBD ratio for anxiety?

The best dosage we have found to work for anxiety relief is anywhere from 10mg-50mg a day or as needed. It depends on metabolism and how much stress you undergo on a daily basis will determine the correct dosage for you.

Feeling : Focus, Concentration

CBG (a cannabinoid sometimes found in focus based CBD products) has shown to have some nootropic and nitric oxide boosting like qualities to it.

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CBD for Focus : Can CBD Help with Focus?

  • CBD can help with focus
  • We recommend CBG products for focus
  • CBG can give you an energy boost

Does CBD help you focus?

CBD products can help with focus, especially if the product also contains the cannabinoid CBG, a cannabinoid best known for its potential as a neuroprotectant.

Does CBD oil help with mental clarity?

Yes it can. Especially if you have pain or anxiety as taking CBD reliefs one of those symptoms

How much CBD oil should I take for focus?

We recommend higher doses 20mg+ of a CBD product with CBG in it taken daily for a more noticeable effect as a focus aid.