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3Chi True Strains Gummies - Cruise Control - 2000mg / 20ct


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⚠ Important:
Contains THC

Discover balance with Cruise Control: 100mg/ea Hybrid gummies for a steady, enjoyable journey. Designed to ease anxiety, pain, and sleep concerns while enhancing focus. Ideal for unwinding without losing momentum, offering a controlled yet uplifting experience.

Each Cruise Control True Strain Gummy contains:

• Δ8THC: 50mg
• HHC: 24mg
• CBD: 6.5mg
• CBG: 5.5mg
• CBN: 3mg
• Δ9THC: 2mg

Cruise Control True Strain gummies contain trace amounts of the following cannabinoids: CBC, Delta 9 THCv, Delta 4(8), Delta 8-ISO, Delta 11 THC, Delta 8 THCv, CBT

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