Heavy Hitter 2G Disposable Vapes from Zaza Delta 8 infused with THCP

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Experience the unparalleled potency of Zaza's Delta-8 THC-P infused disposable vapes. With the most powerful cannabinoid on the market, THCP, this product delivers an unforgettable experience. Try it today.

Zaza Heavy Hitter Name Strain Flavors
Blueberry Muffin Hybrid Blueberry, Butter, Vanilla
Tangie Sativa Orange, Citrus, Tropical
Strawberry Banana Hybrid Strawberry, Fruity, Sweet
Cereal Milk Hybrid Vanilla, Butter, Sweet
Green Crack Sativa Mango, Citrus, Tropical
Mango Haze Sativa Mango, Tropical, Sweet
Watermelon Kush Indica Sweet, Tropical, Grape
Blackberry Diesel Sativa Diesel, Berry, Plum
Skywalker OG Indica Sweet, Citrus, Pepper
Ice Cream Cake Indica Vanilla, Butter, Sweet
Peanut Butter & Jelly Hybrid Nutty, Butter, Chestnut
Appleberry Indica Apple, Berry, Floral
Candy Land Sativa Sweet, Spicy, Herbal
Purple Punch Indica Grape, Berry, Blueberry
  • Indica strains are relaxing, offer relief from pain, and better sleep. Increases appetite, decreases nausea.
  • Sativa strains are stimulating and energizing. Indica strains are thought to increase creativity and focus, and reduce anxiety.
  • Hybrid strains, depending on the traits of their parent strains, will include both indica and sativa effects.