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Break free from the constraints of traditional cannabis with True Strains. Our unique strain profiles, meticulously cultivated from over 40 cannabinoids, offer an unparalleled blend of potency, consistency, and effects. Step into the future of cannabis and discover your very own True Strain.

Discover the True Strains Difference

What are True Strains? True Strains redefine the cannabis experience. These are not your average cannabis products. Each True Strain is an expertly formulated masterpiece, crafted using over 40 cannabinoids. Our meticulous cannabinoid production and rigorous testing processes ensure that we achieve consistencies and potencies years ahead of the industry. This commitment allows us to provide you with the most premium, tailored cannabis experiences imaginable.

Unleash the Power of Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Cannabinoids and Terpenes play a critical role in the unparalleled power of True Strains. Our unique blend showcases a diverse spectrum of these compounds, resulting in a rich and diverse experience for users. Whether you're seeking an energy boost or a tranquil, relaxing experience, you'll find a tailored True Strain to meet your every need.

Exploring Beyond THC and CBD

While THC and CBD are the well-known cannabinoids, True Strains embrace the diversity within cannabis plants. With over 100 cannabinoids at play, each with unique effects and benefits, our blends tap into a broader range of these compounds. Currently, True Strains draws from a library of over 40 cannabinoids to curate its extraordinary blends.

The Role of Terpenes

Terpenes go beyond flavor and aroma, adding another layer of complexity to the True Strains experience. Responsible for the distinct characteristics of various cannabis strains, these organic compounds contribute to the strain's overall effect, enhancing your journey with a secondary layer of intricacy.

Experience the Benefits

True Strains deliver a plethora of benefits, providing users with a sophisticated cannabis experience that's both enjoyable and advantageous. From promoting relaxation to sharpening focus, the advantages of True Strains are as diverse as the range of strains themselves.

Tailored to You

Among the standout benefits of True Strains is the ability to provide customized experiences. Each True Strain offers a distinct fusion of cannabinoids and terpenes, an experience unattainable with natural cannabis. This results in precise effects that cater to a wide array of needs and preferences.

Consistency is Key

Expect an unwavering experience with True Strains. Our superior chemistry, patent-pending oil production methods, and industry-defining D-SPEC testing ensure accuracy and consistency in every use. Count on the same effects every time you choose True Strains.

A World of Variety

Our diverse selection of True Strains guarantees a perfect blend for everyone. Whether you're new to cannabis or a seasoned enthusiast, True Strains offer an array of experiences that cater to all tastes and preferences.

True Strains: Transforming the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis landscape undergoes a quantum leap with the introduction of True Strains. Offering an expansive range of scientifically-crafted, precisely-designed cannabis strains, True Strains mark a new era in the cannabis industry. It's not just about elevation; it's about discovering the ideal strain to elevate your life in a way that's uniquely yours.

Experience the Future with True Strains, and uncover why this groundbreaking product line represents the next level in the realm of cannabis. With True Strains, you're not merely selecting a product; you're opting for a superior, tailored cannabis encounter. Explore our range of True Strains today, and step confidently into the cannabis future.

True Strains Strain Effects Strain Flavor
Sativa Full Throttle Euphoria, Energy Earthy, Pine, Spicy
Phoenix Euphoria, Potency, Energy Citrus, Lemon, Sweet, Tart, Zesty
Rocketman Euphoria, Energy, Potency Berry, Fruity, Sweet
Hybrid Cruise Control Relaxation, Relief Citrus, Pine, Spicy
God Mode Potency, Euphoria Diesel, Pineapple, Tropical
Hammer of God Potency, Euphoria Sweet, Fruity, Tropical
Mind Trip Potency, Euphoria Lemon, Lime, Sour, Sweet, Tangy
Space Cowboy Potency, Euphoria Spicy, Pepper, Citrus
Indica Comfortably Numb Relaxation, Relief Diesel, Strawberry
Interstellar Euphoria, Potency, Relaxation, Relief Berry, Citrus, Grape, Hash, Lemon
Nirvana Euphoria, Relief Spicy, Sweet
Pulse Relief, Relaxation, Euphoria Berry, Citrus, Grape, Hash, Lemon